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Why all Parents need a Dohar Blanket for their Newborn Baby.

Why all Parents need a Dohar Blanket for their Newborn Baby.

Snuggle, Soothe, Sleep.


Why all Parents need a Dohar Blanket for their Newborn Baby. baby wrapped in a baby Dohar blanket


Our luxury baby dohar blankets are perfect for cuddling and swaddling your newborn and growing baby. Made with the purest 100% superfine cotton, every baby loves the gentle feel of our baby dohar blankets against their skin. A Shades Of Cool London baby dohar makes snuggling, soothing and sleep as easy as A,B,C.


A baby dohar blanket should be at the top of your list when preparing for the arrival of your new baby, because our Baby Dohar Blankets are… 


  • Soft on the Skin
  • Temperature Regulating
  • Naturally Hypoallergenic
  • Highly versatile


In addition, the elegant designs and opulent feel of our baby dohar blankets makes them the perfect gift for new parents!


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baby doharbaby dohar baby dohar feather print baby dohar


Versatile Dohar Blankets for your Newborn Baby. 


Our 100% pure cotton baby dohar blankets are made from three superfine voile layers. These highly versatile baby blankets are suitable for cots, strollers, mosses baskets and pushchairs. In addition to swaddling your baby at nap time either in their cot or on the go out and about in their pram, our baby dohar blankets are ideal for both newborns and as your baby grows.


Soft on the Skin Baby Dohar Blankets.  

baby hand and adult hand


Another benefit of making our baby dohar blankets from cotton is that cotton is soft on the skin but also hard wearing. Our pure cotton baby dohar blankets are perfectly practical and easy to wash. Regular washing will actually make the dohar even softer!

Temperature Regulating Baby Dohar Blankets.

happy baby lying down




After a cosy 9 months inside the womb, one of the first things your newborn baby needs to learn is how to regulate their temperature. It can take a while for your baby to develop the ability to regulate their temperature and many parents can fall into the trap of wrapping up their babies in layers of fleece, which can make your baby too warm. Baby dohar blankets are made from three layers of luxurious pure cotton, rather than a fleece material. Cotton is a breathable fabric, meaning that depending on the outside temperature, the baby dohar blanket can help to keep your newborn baby warm or cool.


Naturally Hypoallergenic Baby Dohar Blankets.



Cotton is a naturally hypoallergenic fabric, as the fibres are tightly woven together this means that cotton fabrics catch fewer allergens than other fabrics. As a result, cotton does not cause skin irritation. Our baby dohar blankets are the perfect way to cuddle every newborn baby especially babies with skin that can be that slightest bit sensitive.


Gifting a Handmade Baby Dohar Blanket.


Our baby dohar blankets are versatile, luxuriously soft on the skin, temperature regulating and naturally hypoallergenic. Babies love feeling secure and comfortable with this baby blanket and happy babies mean happy parents! A baby dohar blanket is the perfect baby shower gift or gift for new parents. The luxurious baby dohar makes a practical gift whilst also being a beautiful item that can be treasured for years to come.

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Are you searching for a luxurious gift for parents to be?

Are you a new parent wanting to buy the best for your newborn? Then please Browse our range of beautiful Baby Dohar Blankets.

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