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Why Cotton?

Cotton growing on branch

Pure Cotton Breathable Dohar Blankets - Why Cotton? 

My lightweight Dohar Blankets are made with the purest 100% cotton. We are all very familiar with cotton of course, but not all cottons are equal! Have you felt the silky light softness of our Dohars?

cotton on a branch

 But why is cotton such a perfect fabric to produce textiles? Well, cotton is… 


  1. Breathable
  2. Naturally hypoallergenic
  3. Easy to wash
  4. Lightweight
  5. Soft on skin


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 Pure Cotton Breathable Dohar Blankets 

Cotton is a breathable fabric. The natural woven fibre is particularly good for helping your temperature to naturally  regulate during the night, ensuring you are comfortable and able to get a good night's sleep.

Naturally Hypoallergenic Pure Cotton Breathable Dohar Blankets 

Cotton fibres have the advantage over synthetic fabrics. The way they are woven means that they catch and retain fewer allergens compared to man made fibres. That our Dohar Blankets are made only of completely natural high quality cotton means that they are naturally hypoallergenic which is particularly beneficial when it comes to bedding.


cotton thread on spools

Cotton does not cause any skin irritation therefore, our Dohar fabrics are the perfect choice for those with skin conditions and people who have skin that is even the slightest bit sensitive. 

Easy to Wash Pure Cotton Breathable Dohar Blankets 

Cotton is highly durable, meaning that it can be washed using nearly all washing machine cycles! Cotton is therefore the perfect material for textiles, including our breathable dohar blankets, which can be machine washed at just 30 degrees.

close up of a cotton diane block printed with a camellia design

Lightweight Pure Cotton Breathable Dohar Blankets 

Cotton is a highly versatile fabric which is naturally temperature regulating and can both keep you cool during the summer months, whilst also helping you stay warm in winter. The comfy but light feel of cotton makes it the perfect fabric for the hot summer months. One of the most lightweight types of cotton is voile, used to make our pure cotton breathable Dohar Blankets, which can help you to stay cool during the night. In addition to helping you stay cool, cotton can also insulate the body, helping you to stay cosy during frosty winter nights.

Pure Cotton Breathable Dohar Blankets that are Soft on the Skin 

Cotton is also known for being used to make items for babies, such as our Baby Dohars, they are so soft and perfect for your little ones, as well as practical and easy care. The luxurious soft feel of our Baby Dohars makes them perfect for comforting and swaddling your baby and the Baby Dohar can also help keep your baby warm or cool in their cot or stroller, depending on the outside temperature.

The Benefits of our Pure Cotton Breathable Dohar Blankets  

So, why cotton? A lightweight and breathable fabric , naturally temperature regulating, both in hot and cold temperatures. Hypoallergenic properties. Silky soft fabric with a luxurious feel. Easy to wash at low temperatures.  

All of the above is why we chose to make our Dohar Blankets from 3 layers of ultra-soft, natural, luxury cotton voile.lady lying on bed made up with luxury block printed bedding

 Tempted by the benefits of our opulent pure cotton breathable Dohar Blankets? Browse the range of Dohars here.


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