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Could Layering Your Bedding With A Dohar And A Hand-block Printed Quilt Be The Answer To Comfort this Autumn ?

pile of block printed quilts


Transitioning From Summer To Autumn – Could Layering Your Bedding With A Dohar Be The Answer To Comfort?

pile of block printed quilts

It seems like only yesterday that the temperatures began to rise and the sun started to shine. But now, the summer months are starting to fade away, and the leaves are turning brown. Children are returning to school, and the darker nights are drawing in. There’s no doubt about it - the year is transitioning from summer to autumn, and with it, the weather is getting colder.

It’s that time of year again, when you start thinking about how to fend off the autumnal chill without switching the heating on. But if you’re starting to feel a little chilly when you climb into bed at night, Autumn layering of your Dohar bedding is the answer to getting a good night's sleep. By adding a fluffy quilt to your existing bedding, you can add more warmth without adding any unwanted extra weight.

Changing Your Bedding In Line With The Seasons

During the summer months, the average night-time temperature in the UK is around 12 degrees Celsius. During the autumn, temperatures at night drop to around 7 degrees Celsius – a distinct difference. The perfect sleeping temperature all year round is 18°C, so to keep your bed at this optimum temperature, you should change your bedding so you can get the perfect night's rest.

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Changing Bedding In The Autumn For Optimum Sleep Wellness

Not only does adding an extra cotton coverlet to your bed as autumn arrives help you to better regulate your body temperature during sleep, it also brings you some health benefits too. Clean and fresh breathable cotton bedding is very good for your overall well-being since it helps you to breathe more easily and supports your immune system to guard against those unwanted autumn bugs and illnesses.

Fresh cool pillow cushions on your bed are a key component of your sleep hygiene regime, and will also help to put you in the right and restful frame of mind for sleep.

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What Kind Of Bedding Should I Add In Autumn?

Although a high tog duvet may be perfect in the depths of winter, at the start of autumn, it will probably be just too heavy and hot to get a proper night’s rest. Autumn is all about layering, adding a handmade block printed quilt to your Dohar blanket is the perfect alternative. A lightweight cotton coverlet made from layered muslin and filled with 100% naturally hypoallergenic cotton, it enables you to easily adjust the layers of bedding to achieve the perfect temperature for sleeping without adding too much weighty bulk. 

Dohar blankets are made from 100% breathable cotton fabric, allowing for easy regulation of your body’s temperature at night. As Dohars are also moisture-wicking, they make it even easier to stay at the optimal temperature for rest. Not only that, but cotton Dohars are hypoallergenic to reduce night time disturbances, and they contain no harmful or toxic compounds.

Read more about why we use cotton for our Dohar bedding here

They’re even quick and easy to wash and dry – either on the line or in the tumble dryer, which is ideal on autumn days when you can’t guarantee there’ll be any sunshine!

Choose A Dohar As Part Of A Matching Set

Creating a beautifully coordinated look for your bedroom will make your space even cosier this autumn, and when you choose one of our beautiful cotton Dohars, you can choose a handmade cotton block printed quilt to match. You can even complete the matching set with a block printed cool cushion cover in the same fabric to really set off the whole look.

Our beautiful Dohars, quilts and cushions make excellent gifts for weddings or housewarmings thanks to their amazing versatility and their exceptionally unique style. Not only can you use them as year-round beautiful bedding, but you can even use your Dohar as a cotton picnic blanket whether at home or on holiday for true multifunctional appeal.


.close up of tulip block print design


 Add A Hand Block Printed Quilt To Your Dohar Bedding This Autumn  

Sleep couldn’t be more important to ensuring your body and mind are able to function well. Not only can getting enough quality sleep, improve your overall health and well-being, it can even improve your quality of life! Now that the seasons are turning and the temperature is starting to drop, autumn is the ideal time for changing your bedding, updating your bedroom, and adding a natural 100% cotton Dohar as an additional layer on your bed.

quilt collection at Shades of Cool London

We stock a gorgeous selection of traditional Dohars, cushions, and block printed quilts in matching sets that will make your autumnal bedroom look and feel its best as the colder nights draw in. With 6 designs to choose from you can refresh your bedding look, feel and comfort to ensure a great night’s rest. Click here to see my favourite autumnal collections. 


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