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The Magic Of The Mushroom – Our Wild Mushroom Collection

woodblock mushrooms

quilt and cushion on a bench with a pumpkin

One of the hottest interior design trends of recent months has seen mushrooms popping up everywhere – not unlike the fungi themselves! No longer something only fit for the kitchen, mushrooms have made their way from the forest to the bedroom, appearing on everything from towels to pillowcases.

Now, Shades of Cool London is embracing the mushroom trend of 2022 with The Wild Mushroom Collection (click here to view) – an inspired range of bed bundles, block printed quilts, cushion covers, and kimonos that will take your home effortlessly to a magical world.

Magic Mushrooms

wood block mushrooms

Although mushrooms may not, at first glance, appear to be anything particularly special or even attractive, when you understand their nature you begin to realise just how amazing and magical they are. Appearing as if from nowhere, mushrooms grow from tiny spores, blossoming into incredible shapes and taking on some truly amazing colours as they grow. Even their mycelium is incredible.

This rootlike structure creates a network of threads that are crucial to the mushroom’s survival, interconnecting and communicating in an organically beautiful and astounding way. In many ways, mushrooms are like a microcosm of the universe itself, and that makes them a unique and meaningful motif.

With all of this in mind, it isn’t too surprising that the demand for shroom bedding for UK homes has grown out of all proportion. More people than ever before are seeking nostalgic experience and toadstools and mushrooms have long been associated with childhood fantasies and imaginative stories.

What better way to bring the escapism of simpler times into today’s hectic lifestyles than by evoking the natural world in the home by adding cotton mushroom bedding, towels, or cushion covers to our living spaces?

Mushrooms In The Home

bed bundle of a turquoise wild mushroom design

Although this year has seen a renewed interest in the mushroom as an object of interior design beauty, it isn’t the first time that it has been embraced by fashionistas. During the 1960s and 1970s, the mushroom lamp was an iconic must-have for every fashionable home, although arguably, the aesthetic was more about the psychedelic than about the natural world.

Today, our increasingly urban living environments have led us to actively seek out more elements of nature and to bring them inside our homes, and with Cottagecore being a key design trend of the moment, it isn’t hard to see why mushrooms have re-emerged as desirable décor.

The intriguingly named “Fairy Grunge” trend has seen more people than ever before searching online for a mushroom bed set, with over a 900% increase in Etsy searches for mushroom pillows, and with 2022’s Fashion Week revealing that mushroom motifs were a common feature across Stella McCartney, Monse, Brandon Maxwell, and Rodarte’s collections, it seems that the trend is set to stay.

Bringing The Outdoors Indoors

wood block in production wild mushroom collection

For some time now, there has been a drive in the world of interior design to bring the outdoors indoors, and with our Wild Mushroom Collection, we aim to do just that. Our subtle yet beautiful range of mushroom inspired textiles represent the ideal way to bring the style of the organic world into your home.

Designed in collaboration with Fur from @eliandfur @revedelle, this collection incorporates beautiful hand block printed quilts, elegant cotton quilted cushion covers, and gorgeous organic cotton hand block printed kimono robes that allow you to create a coordinated look for your space. Of course, we have also added mushroom-inspired cotton Indian dohar blankets to our range.

Made from three layers of high-quality cotton, this bedding is lightweight and breathable while adding an extra layer of comfort. Designed for Indian royalty, Dohar blankets are naturally temperature regulating and are also hypoallergenic for luxurious comfort.

For even better value for money, we’ve also put together a beautiful mushroom motif bed bundle which consists of a queen sized Dohar blanket together with a matching block printed quilt and two matching quilted pillow shams. It’s the ideal way to buy a complete bedding set that will enhance your sleep whatever the season, allowing you to mix and match to suit your bedroom’s temperature.

Embrace The Mushroom Trend


bed made up with  a dohar, quilt and cushions in the aubergine mushroom design

If you’re ready to embrace the 2022 shroom trend, there’s no better way to take advantage of this nature-inspired look than by investing in our beautiful Wild Mushroom Collection. Made with Shades of Cool London’s exceptional attention to detail and excellent standards, you can be confident that you’ll be choosing beautiful bedding that is designed to look elegant, feel luxurious, and last for many years to come.

wild mushroom design being block printed



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