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Sleep relaxation, warm baths and special scents.

Sleep relaxation, warm baths and special scents.

What helps you go to sleep?

Here are a few tips here from our guest bloggers 

Serena's Sister Hypnotherapy 

Awesome Botanicals


L'atelier Kauldhar


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 Sleep relaxation.

Find a comfortable position and allow your head to really rest back into the pillow. The more you physically relax, the more you can mentally relax. Give yourself permission to let go of the stresses of the day.

Allow your breath to settle, just notice your breathing you don't have to change it in anyway, just notice that gentle rise and fall that happens all by itself. 

I would like to remind you that right here right now nobody wants anything of you, and nobody expects anything of you, all you need to do is relax back and just know that it is safe and comfortable for you to drift into a wonderful relaxing sleep. 

You can start to imagine the feeling of being completely relaxed, the feeling of being safe and calm. You can let that feeling surround you, that feeling of being safe and relaxed let that feeling grow, comforting you, like being gently wrapped in a soft blanket.

As you start to feel more relaxed you can let all the tension simply drain away, right down through your whole body, starting with your head and all the way down to your toes, slowly and calmly, your whole body being light and weightless. you can allow yourself to drift into a deep relaxing sleep.

 Helen Kelynack 

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Senara’s Sister Hypnotherapy

A bath before bed.

A warm to cool bath can be the perfect self-care activity to relieve stress and prepare you for a goods night sleep. Studies have shown that a Bath before bed can help you to fall asleep even in the heat of the summer. For the ultimate relaxation pair your warm bath with Awesome Botanical Minty Mayhem Epsom Salts  adequate magnesium levels are essential for sleep & the most reported benefit of Epsom Salts is the magnesium content. The Buttermilk Powder & Apricot Kernel Oil in  Awesome Botanical Minty Mayhem Epsom Salts will leave your skin feeling soft. The invigorating Peppermint will leave your skin feeling cool & refreshed.  Baths have the added benefit of being in the bathroom and behind a locked door. When you want to take some time for yourself, you can lock the rest of the world out (try leaving your phone outside too) and truly take some time for yourself.

Natalie Dawson

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Awesome Botanicals 


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Why Home Fragrances Are More than Just a Pretty Smell

Did you know that aside from the initial pleasure of smelling a pretty scent, the regular use of home fragrances can have a positive and beneficial affect on our overall sense of wellbeing?

When we smell fragrances, it stimulates the olfactory pathways in our brain and triggers the limbic system which deals with emotions and memory. Over time, when we are repeatedly exposed to these scents, we subconsciously create a memory bank of fragrances, smells and odours which become interconnected and intertwined with our lives. This is how we end up with a collection of favourite smells and fragrances; the perfect example being favourite perfumes. We don’t always understand why we favour them, but what they do subconsciously is stimulate a sense of familiarity within us that makes us feel good and draws us back to them time and time again.

Understanding the science behind why fragrances have such a stimulating impact on our wellbeing and how they can be used to enhance these beneficial attributes, we can use fragrances to our advantage to serve and support us throughout our day, in extremely positive ways.

 It is for these reasons that I have meticulously created two signature fragrance collections, Signature Indulgence SI.LK-No.1 and Signature Indulgence SI.LK-No.2, to positively enhance your lives, from dusk to dawn. Each collection comprises of three luxurious fragrances which have been paired to specific activities:

SI.LK-Flow: fragrances intuitively matched to work and creative activities

SI.LK-Release: fragrances to help the release stresses that build up during the day

SI.LK-Encapsulate: evening fragrances to aid relaxation and prepare oneself for sleep

Whether you choose the Signature Indulgence SI.LK-No.1 or SI.LK-No.2 collection, your products will be made strictly to order and energetically charged with positive Reiki energy specifically for you. Each collection is available as a trio of luxurious reed diffusers, or as bespoke hand crafted candles made using a unique wax blend created in-house from the finest raw natural ingredients.


To learn more about the Signature Indulgence fragrance collections, please visit our website, or  contact Jessy directly.

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