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How Often Should You Wash Your Bedding?

How Often Should You Wash Your Bedding?


 Wondering how often to wash your bedding?

Here we’ll answer that question, and take a look at why pure cotton Dohars are an excellent solution for bed hygiene.


 The average person in the UK spends around 12,045 hours in bed during their lifetime – that equates to about 26 years! With that surprising statistic in mind, it isn’t too surprising that there’s nothing quite like the feeling of getting into a bed that has just been made with clean, fresh bedding. 

Who doesn’t love the sensation of freshly washed, line-dried bedsheets against their skin? Yet, when it comes to washing your bedding, practices vary considerably between individuals. So, here we take a closer look at how often people in the UK actually wash their sheets and how often they should really be washing them. 

Here are some top tips to improve your bed hygiene:

 Wash Your Bedding Regularly washing machine

On average,people in the UK wash their sheets just twice a month. However, that isn’t enough to eradicate dust mites and allergens, particularly during the warmer weather in the summer months. It’s recommended that sheets are washed at least weekly, especially in hot weather, to keep bedding fresh and hygienic. As for pillows, too often, people just replace the pillowcases and jump back into bed, yet, as much as a third of the weight of your pillow could be made up of mites, dead skin and bugs! So don’t forget to give them a good wash or clean at least every three months.

Avoid Making Your Bedunmade bed

When it comes to bed hygiene, it’s also important not to make your bed in the morning. You may have been told off by your parents as a child for leaving your bed unmade, yet this is, in fact, the best option. Allowing your bed to air is the best way to prevent dust mites and other allergens from contaminating your bedding. Drying your bedding in natural sunlight is also a great idea where possible since UV rays can kill dust mites.

 Care For Your Mattress

 Although washing your bedding is an important part of bed hygiene, there are other things to consider. Hoovering your mattress regularly is something that you should take time to do, as this will get rid of any contaminants that may be hiding in there. Every 6-8 years, you should replace your mattress entirely. 

 Keep Your Washing Machine Clean

It’s also important to ensure that your washing machine is clean – after all, there’s no point in washing your bedlinen if your washing machine is filthy inside! Regularly clean the detergent drawer, getting rid of any mould and remove any fluff or debris from the filter. Use soda crystals poured directly into your washing machine’s drum on a hot wash to keep it sparkling and contaminant-free, and make sure to clean the seal too with a damp cloth so that mould doesn’t build up. 

Choose Breathable Bedding natural cotton

When dealing with allergies, it is very important to choose the right type of bedding. Breathable cotton is naturally hypoallergenic, and this makes it the best choice for everyone, and especially those who suffer from allergic reactions. A cotton Dohar is the best solution. Although many people haven’t heard of a Dohar blanket UK consumers are starting to recognise their benefits. 

 A block printed Dohar blanket is a traditional Indian summer coverlet made from three layers of high quality, finely woven, super-soft cotton. Designed as cool sheets for use during the monsoon season in a time when there was no air-conditioning, this type of block printed quilt is ideal for hot sleepers since they act as temperature regulating sheets. 

 When it comes to the cotton Dohar UK buyers may still be behind in the game, but as global warming increases and the summers become hotter, using a  Dohar as part of your bedding is going to make sleeping far more comfortable. Thanks to the layers, the cool air becomes trapped inside, regulating your body temperature effectively. When used as a light coverlet or instead of a classic top sheet, it’s an ideal solution for your afternoon naps too. Yet, Dohars aren’t only for the summer – during the winter, the layers trap the warm air inside too, providing comfort and additional warmth.  

How To Look After Your Dohars, Quilts And Cushions 

 Dohars folded

 Not only do you need to care for your bed sheets, you also need to care properly for your pure cotton Dohar blankets, quilts and cushions. The good news is that they are surprisingly simple to care for. Just machine wash them in a clean machine at 30 degrees and then line dry them whenever you can, although tumble drying them at a low temperature is possible too. These sustainable, handmade blankets will give you many years of comfortable and hygienic sleeping when looked after correctly.

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