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What is an Indian Dohar Blanket?

What is an Indian Dohar Blanket?


 Hand made cotton Dohars a natural remedy for better sleep.

If you’re looking for a beautiful lightweight blanket that will regulate your body temperature effectively and help you to get a good night’s sleep, then you need look no further than a luxurious Indian Dohar blanket.


Benefits of sleeping under a Dohar Blanket;


  • Lightweight, but more substantial than a single sheet.
  • Airy and breathable.
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Increase sleep quality.
  • Ideal for the seasonal transition from Winter to Spring and Spring to Summer.
  • Perfect summer bedding, blankets to keep you cool at night.
  • An extra layer during in winter under your duvet trapping your warm body air.
  • Save on washing (no need to wash your duvet cover on a weekly basis just only wash the Dohar!indian cotton dohar blanket draped on a chaise longue


These traditional Dohar blankets from India are made from three separate layers of finely woven, super-soft, and high-quality cotton. As these layers are able to trap the cool air between them, they can help to regulate your body temperature, keeping you comfortable even on the warmest nights. Not only that, but they’re also incredibly stylish too making them a perfect choice for any home!

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What Is the History of Dohar Blankets

taj mahal

Dohars have been around for centuries. This type of Indian cotton blanket was once extremely popular with the Maharajas, who used them to keep themselves cool during the monsoon season since at that time, no air-conditioning existed. In fact, their name comes from a Hindi word – “Doharana” which means “layering”. It refers to the three ultra-fine cotton layers that make up these buttery soft and breathable blankets.

Despite their popularity in the East, these lightweight, versatile blankets remain almost entirely unknown to people in the West. Yet, now that global warming is starting to have an impact on the weather around the globe, summers are becoming hotter, and this has led to more Westerners looking for cool blankets that help them to stay comfortable during the night. A cotton Dohar for summer use is the ideal solution and you can now buy one in the UK exclusively from us.  Dohars are also the most perfect seasonal transitional blankets used when we move from Winter to Spring and Spring to Summer.


How Is a Cotton Dohar Blanket Made?cotton growing in field

Cotton Dohars are made by sewing together three separate layers of cotton voile. They are then edged, typically with a colour that contrasts with the rest of the blanket. The middle layer is traditionally block printed, with the design being subtly visible if you look at the blanket’s outer layer.

Made from sustainably produced cotton, our Dohar blankets are made by hand by skilled artisans in the traditional way. Thanks to this authentic crafting approach, the blankets bear the marks of the individual artist in slight variations to their finish and colouring, thus creating natural subtle distinguishing features that set them apart from each other and ensure that no two blankets are exactly identical.

Since each blanket is unique, this makes a Dohar a special, unusual, and beautiful addition to your home, not to mention a practical one, but at a price that you can afford. Essentially, these blankets are an affordable luxury that will add a touch of class to any bedroom.

Why Use a Dohar Blanket On Your Bed?

Most of us have experienced the discomfort of trying to sleep on a hot summer’s night. A duvet is just too hot, but a thin sheet simply isn’t enough to ward off the chill you experience if you wake in the early hours. This is where Dohars really come into their own. Although they are lightweight, they’re far more substantial than just a sheet, and as the natural cotton is highly breathable, you’ll remain cool and comfortable all night long.

Although using a Dohar in the UK is especially beneficial during the summer months, it can prove to be a great choice during the winter too. You can use it underneath your duvet as an additional layer of bedding, so your warm body heat can be effectively trapped inside, keeping you cosy even on the coldest nights of the year.

Even better, you’ll save time, effort, and money on washing your duvet since you won’t have to clean it every week! All year round, your Dohar will increase your sleep quality and help you to enjoy a restful night so you can be healthier, more energetic, and more productive during your waking hours.

You needn’t worry either about how to care for your cool blanket – it couldn’t be simpler to look after a 100% cotton Dohar. You can, if you wish, hand wash these blankets, but they can also be machine washed at 30 degrees for extra convenience. They can even be tumbled dried on a low heat setting or dried outside on the washing line.

If you want to iron your Dohar after washing, make sure to use a medium heat setting. The only thing that you need to avoid is using bleach as this could damage your beautiful Indian cotton blanket.

Ideal For Western Homes


cotton dohar blanket  draped over a bath

Although the Dohar blanket may be a tradition in India, that doesn’t mean that they don’t belong in a Western home. In fact, they’re a brilliant way to add a little more style to the décor of your bedroom. We have adapted our collection to suit European tastes, using calm and cool colours along with transparent and muted patterns that look wonderful in classic or contemporary western homes.

Naturally hypoallergenic

Another reason why Dohars are perfect for use in the West is because they are hypoallergenic. More people in the UK and Europe than ever before now suffer from allergies and asthma. Hypoallergenic bedding helps to keep their symptoms at bay and ensure that they can sleep comfortably without experiencing any unwanted reactions that can disturb their rest.

A lot of Western bedding contains known allergens that can trigger unpleasant side-effects in sufferers, but thanks to the hypoallergenic nature of the natural cotton that goes into making a Dohar blanket, even allergy sufferers can enjoy a restful night’s sleep.

Can I Buy a Cotton Double Dohar Online?

As you can see, a Dohar can bring you a host of benefits if you use one on your bed throughout the year, and the good news is that you can purchase one online now! There’s no better way to improve the quality of your rest while also adding a touch of beauty to your bedroom than by investing in one of these gorgeous and unique cool blankets now. Thanks to our exclusive range, you can bring the luxury and elegance of Indian royalty to your home, all at a price that you can afford.

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