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Summer is on its way!

Summer is on its way! - Shades of Cool London

But what is the best bedding to ensure a great night’s sleep each and every night during hot weather ?

Temperatures of over 30 degrees seem to occur more frequently in the UK with every year that goes by, and we do not have air-conditioning fitted as standard in our homes (as is the case in many countries abroad). Our spring and summer temperatures seem to have been creeping up over the last few years, sometimes reaching up to 35 degrees here in the UK!

You know the feeling; it is sultry, hot and light outside until as late as eleven o’clock. You worry about not sleeping well during these hot summer nights due to being overheated and uncomfortable.When you finally do climb into bed, you find yourself tossing and turning as you can’t get cool. Do you ditch the duvet and simply sleep under a sheet? Hmmn…. if only there was a middle ground between the two!!

This is where the Dohar fits in perfectly!! These traditional blankets of airy, breathable cotton act as a lightweight coverlet, which is breathable and has a bit more substance than a sheet.

Handmade from 3 layers of superfine 100% cotton, it feels luxurious and soft. The 3 layers trap the cool air to keep you cool in bed, avoiding that horrible sensation of waking up hot and sweaty!! The weight of this layered bedsheet is just perfect to make you feel cosy and yet cool.

Our Dohars are hand block printed in a variety of beautiful designs, all based on nature, with muted colour palettes to fit perfectly in your homes. Because only the middle layer of cotton is printed, with the top layers just of unprinted cotton, the pattern effect is subtle and delicate. Take a look here!!

Each and every one of the Dohars is unique!

Our Dohar bedsheets are handmade by skilful artisans who have been practising this trade for centuries. Due to this, small differences occur in the production process, which is makes each and every one unique. Take a look at our collection here.

Our Dohars are luxurious to touch and just become softer and softer with every wash. It is incredibly handy to be able to just throw them in a washing machine and tumble dry on a low heat or even simply line dry. The natural fibers of the 100% cotton are bent, pulled and twisted with washing, drying and frequent use - which only makes them softer.

Our Dohars regulate your body temperature by trapping cool air between the layers of our best cotton. Night sweats are not something we talk about generally and we often associate it with hot flashes and the menopause. We know that restless sleep is a real issue for many women in this phase of their lives.

Did you know men google night sweats much more than women?

Our Summer blankets are a natural remedy for better sleep! More on this in a future blog.

We need this product in our lives! All of us.

Look out for the matching quilted cushions and quilts, Dohars, dressing gowns and night dresses to co-ordinate your look. 

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Don’t think Our Dohars are just for the bedroom!


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