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Shades of Cool London's Dohars featured in Top Sante Magazine.

Shades of Cool London's Dohars featured in Top Sante Magazine.

Here at Shades of Cool London, we’re proud and delighted to have been recently featured in an article in the world-famous Top Sante magazine. The article heralded our cotton Dohar blankets as one of the top summer blanket choices for menopausal women who are struggling to get to sleep due to their hot flashes.

The article in the Top Sante magazine offers you nine ways to sleep well and beat night sweats. It's not only HRT that can help you combat menopausal symptoms including lack of sleep. If you are unable to get your prescription right now, it might be worth trying these natural ways to help reduce night sweats and the recommended lifestyle hacks to improve your sleep environment.

feature in Top Sante magazine on cotton dohar blankets

The article reads like this: (quote)

 Time to try a Dohar?

"Virtually unknown in Europe, traditional dohars were the reserve of the Maharaja's in India, who used them to keep cool during hot nights.

Their design comprises 3 layers of superior quality, super soft, finely woven cotton that are not only breathable but also regulate your body temperature as the layers of voile cotton trap cool air in the summer months, while keeping you snug, yet not overheated come winter. And now the dohar is making sleep waves over here... Especially among menopausal ladies.

‘Dohars were used for centuries during the hottest nights of the year before the arrival of air conditioning systems in India’ says Angel Skillman, Shades of Cool London's founder, ‘the soft blankets help to ward off the unpleasant feeling of waking sweaty and hot from night sweats, yet they feel weighty, making them cosy and comfy without the extra heat you'd get with a normal duvet’, says Angel.

What's more Dohars become more comfortable and softer over time each time they are washed and line dried and popped into a tumble dryer on a low heat, the natural fibres become twisted, pulled and bent, which serves to make them feel softer and even cosier, says Angel.

A lady with a washing line full of Dohars

Try it : Shades of Cool London traditional sleep Dohars are made from 100% hypoallogenic sustainable cotton, printed with Azo-free dyes and shipped in plastic-free biodegradable packaging. Handcrafted by artisans in Jaipur, India, for every purchase £1 pound is donated to the Pink Rickshaw Company ( Jaipur, which provides employment to 200 women from low-income households."

Read more about the Pink City Rickshaw Company here 


Top sante August 22 feature SOCL

Night sweats and hot-flashes

During the menopause, most women experience unwanted symptoms, and one of the most common is hot flashes. This vasomotor symptom gives sufferers a sudden overwhelming rush of heat which results in flushing and sweating. During the night, hot flashes manifest as night sweats that wake sufferers up and make it difficult to get good quality sleep.

Hot flashes can happen all year round, both during the winter and the summer, but when the weather is warm, night sweats are even more uncomfortable and have an even more negative impact on sleep quality.

Around 80% of menopausal women suffer from hot flashes and night sweats, and some women can experience this unwanted symptom for as long as 11 years, so it isn’t too surprising that sufferers are often looking for effective ways to beat the heat, especially at bedtime, and that is why Top Sante magazine covered this issue.

It was the recommendation that menopausal women use cotton cool sheets which help to regulate body temperature and minimise overheating and sweating instead of the more traditional duvet, and our traditional Indian sleep Dohar was suggested as one of their favourite choices of cool bedding.

Why Is An Indian Dohar An Ideal Bedding Choice For Menopausal Women?

Dohar with aubergine mushrooms draped on a bed outdoors

When it comes to achieving sleep comfort when you’re going through menopause, women are prepared to try almost anything to overcome the overwhelming heat they experience. Applying cool, damp cloths to the skin can bring short-term relief, but of course, they make the bed wet.

While using an electric fan may also help to keep temperatures down, running one all night long can cause high energy bills which would be unsustainable in the long run, and makes a noise that disturbs other sleepers. A cotton quilt like a Dohar blanket is a far better choice, and won’t make your utility bills go even higher!

While there are several different HRT treatments available from doctors on prescription to reduce the unpleasant impact of hot flashes, many women are keen to start with trying self care and mindfulness techniques to help them without needing medication. This is a personal choice. However, it can be difficult to use these techniques to promote well-being when struggling to get sufficient rest at night.

Switching a standard duvet for a cotton Dohar can make a world of difference as these lightweight, hypoallergenic blankets were designed specifically for cooling comfort. They were originally created in India to keep the Maharajahs cool during the heat of the monsoon season, so it’s no wonder that they’re so effective at keeping menopausal women comfortable while they sleep!

Read more about the menopause and sleep problems in our previous blog here 

How Does A Dohar Keep You Cool?

Dohar blankets are made up of three layers of breathable finely-woven cotton which trap the cool air and keep you at a comfortable temperature all night long. Soft and cosy, these blankets help to prevent the unpleasant feeling of waking up during a night sweat feeling uncomfortable and hot, while still feeling luxurious and substantial.

The Other Advantages Of A Dohar

Dohars are hypoallergenic and really help to eliminate unwanted allergy symptoms at bedtime.

Not only is an Indian Dohar the ideal solution for menopausal women to keep cool during the night, but it’s also a versatile solution all year round.

Layering in Autumn and  Winter

The most useful thing about Dohars is that you can use them to layer your bedding in Autumn and Winter, very much like when you go skiing, when you wear lots of lightweight layers to trap your body heat)

 The Dohars three separate layers trap your warm body  air during the winter and when combining our Dohar with one of our block-printed quilt or your own duvet you’ll feel toasty and warm even on the coldest nights.

Check out our cotton breathable quilts to match here.  quilts folded hanging from post and rail fence

The Dohars  three separate layers trap your warm body-air during the winter and when combining your Dohar with one of our block-printed quilt or your own duvet you’ll feel toasty and warm even on the coldest nights.

Check out our cotton breathable quilts to match here.

They add a touch of elegance to your bedroom décor and are the perfect partner to the Dohar for the coldest months.

 These sustainably and ethically produced blankets are also stylish and beautiful. Each one is handcrafted by skilled artisans in the traditional way, and because they’re all individual, they are a wonderfully unique addition to your home bedding collection.

All of those advantages, and a perfect choice during menopause too! There’s never been a better time to invest in a Dohar!

Discover our collection of Dohars here 


Collection of folded Dohars from Shades of Cool London

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